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In an effort to cut off any chance of GE digging up dirt against him, Jack hires his own private investigator, Len, to head them off. However, when Jack learns that he must give up his secret cookie jar collection, it almost proves to be too much of a sacrifice. Tracy's wife, Angie, announces that she is going to be with him at all times to make sure that he behaves. Liz thinks this will be good for Tracy, however, when Tracy forces Liz to cover for him, she quickly learns that it doesn't pay to be on Angie's bad side. Meanwhile, Jenna is enjoying all the success and admiration her weight gain has brought until she realizes that she is starting to lose the weight.[1]


Jack is in the running for the G.E. chairmanship and hires a private eye to dig up any dirty secrets. The P.I. exposes Jack's enormous cookie jar collection (he was collector of the year under the pseudonym Victor Nightingale) and advises him to get rid of it. Jenna is more successful than ever now that she's overweight, but panics when it turns out her happiness is making her lose weight.


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Dot Com's movie pitch idea is basically the plot to John Carter of Mars. Ingeniously, however, due to being printed a century ago, the copyright to that book series has long since expired, and it is now part of the Public Domain - so it's perfectly legal for Dot Com to pitch it.


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