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TGS with Tracy Jordan, formerly known as The Girlie Show, is a fictional live variety show on NBC. It starred Jenna Maroney and Josh Girard, with Tracy Jordan being a later addition to the cast. Josh later left the show to be replaced by Danny Baker. The show is co-written by Liz Lemon and produced by Pete Hornberger and Jenna Maroney after season 5 though she dropped her credit and corresponding pay increase to balance the show's budget. It is shot in New York City and airs on Friday nights.

The Girlie Show was originally targeted at women, until Jordan joined the cast and the show was renamed to attract a male audience. Liz and Jenna started the show on Second City in Chicago and worked for years to turn it into a television series. It was adopted by NBC after the network came under fire for the show Bitch Hunter. In season 4, Josh quit the show and was replaced by Danny Baker.

TGS is loosely based on the real Saturday Night Live.

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