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Sue Laroche-Van der Hout is a fictional character played by Sue Galloway on the television series 30 Rock. She is a TGS writer who appears to be fluent in French and Dutch, speaking with a heavy French-Dutch accent. The character was originally slated as a extended extra, but later became a show regular in Season 3. Before her first speaking role in "The Funcooker", she is often referred to simply as 'girl-writer' by the TGS staff.

Character history[]

Before joining the TGS writer's room, Sue was a police psychic in the Netherlands and the inspiration for the Dutch crime show Van der Hoot: Psychische (De Mentaalist), which would be remade into U.S. show The Mentalist. Sue appears to have an affinity for pornography, and some episodes allude that she is bisexual. She apparently has a black daughter, whom she brings to work on Take Your Black Kid to Work Day in "Sun Tea". Sue also claims that she is a virgin ("with white guys") when offering herself to Jack in "St. Patrick's Day". In "Black Light Attack!", Tracy adds her to his entourage and they develop a relationship mimicking that of an overprotective father and rebellious daughter. she appears to be very violent, as she beats up Lutz and breaks Toofer's arm in "It's Never Too Late for Now", and it is implied that she murdered the mayor of her hometown.