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The fourth season of 30 Rock consists of 22 episodes and began airing on October 15, 2009, on NBC.

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Story Arcs[]

As far as the main characters go, Liz Lemon's love advice continues to fail her male co-workers, while Liz herself comes across a couple of potential love interests (played by famous guest stars Michael Sheen and Matt Damon). Jack Donaghy falls for two women- his high school sweetheart (Julianne Moore) and a woman whose success matches Jack's (Elizabeth Banks)- and he's forced to choose between them while trying to impress the Kabletown executives. Tracy Jordan tries to win an EGOT so he can be taken more seriously and Jenna Maroney meets a new love interest- a drag queen playe by Will Forte. Meanwhile, Kenneth Parcell gets close to losing his job at NBC.

All of them are affected by NBC being purchased by the fictional company Kabletown, a reference to the real-life acquisition of NBC Universal by Comcast. The fictional GE CEO Don Geiss dies, and Jack forces the crew to find a new cast member, who ends up being Jack "Danny" Baker (Cheyenne Jackson).

The season culminates in the wedding of Cerie and, still unseen character, Aris.

Guest Stars[]

  • Steve Buscemi - Lenny Wosniak
  • Will Arnett - Devon Banks (Jack's enemy)
  • Cheyenne Jackson - Danny Baker
  • Julianne Moore - Nancy Donovan
  • Elizabeth Banks - Avery Jessup
  • Jan Hooks - Verna Maroney (Jenna's mother)
  • Jon Hamm - Drew Baird
  • Jason Sudeikis - Floyd DeBarber
  • Dean Winters - Dennis Duffy
  • Michael Sheen - Wesley Snipes
  • Anita Gillette - Margaret Lemon
  • Patti LuPone - Sylvia Rossitano
  • Elaine Stritch - Colleen Donaghy
  • Matt Damon - Carol

Season Four Episodes[]

  1. Season 4
  2. Into the Crevasse
  3. Stone Mountain
  4. Audition Day
  5. The Problem Solvers
  6. Sun Tea
  7. Dealbreakers Talk Show #0001
  8. Secret Santa
  9. Klaus and Greta
  10. Black Light Attack!
  11. Winter Madness
  12. Verna
  13. Anna Howard Shaw Day
  14. Future Husband
  15. Don Geiss, America and Hope
  16. Floyd
  17. Lee Marvin vs. Derek Jeter
  18. Khonani
  19. Argus
  20. The Moms
  21. Emanuelle Goes to Dinosaur Land
  22. I Do Do