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When Liz meets her idol, Rosemary Howard, she invites her to be a guest writer on the show. However, Rosemary's radical ideas that Liz grew up admiring are now too controversial for Liz's NBC show. When Liz refuses to fire Rosemary, Jack pressures Liz, who promptly quits. Jack brings Tracy to a therapist to figure out why he must do the opposite that he is told. Meanwhile, after Jenna ruins Kenneth's page jacket, Kenneth must compete in a page-off in order to keep his job. [1]


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Pop Culture[]

When Rosemary says "Help me Liz Lemon, you're my only hope.", this is an allusion to Carrie Fisher's role as Princess Leia in Star Wars.

When Jack says "Lady, just because I'm an ignorant black man and you paid me a nickel to bust up your chifforobe...", this is a reference to the Tom Robinson character in To Kill a Mockingbird.


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Tina Fey-Liz Lemon

Alec Baldwin-Jack Donaghy

Tracy Morgan-Tracy Jordan

Jenna Krakowski-Jenna Maroney

Guest Starring[]

Carrie Fisher as Rosemarry Howard



(In reference to the American National Anthem) "Who'd have ever known there was so many words, it was like a Mos Def CD" - Tracy Joran

"I don't need therapy, I'm just mentally ill." - Tracy Jordan

"Never go with a hippie to a second location." -- Jack Donaghy

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