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Liz Lemon receives an invitation to her upcoming high school reunion in White Haven, Pennsylvania. She is reluctant to attend as she was a lonely nerd but is persuaded to go by her boss, Jack Donaghy. Don Geiss wakes up from his Diabetic coma and tells Jack he will remain CEO of General Electric. Distraught by the revelation, as Don had chosen Jack as the CEO to run GE, Jack decides to fly to Miami for a vacation, and offers to drop Liz off on the way to her reunion. When they land in White Haven after a major snowstorm, Jack is stranded with her.

Liz goes to the reunion but learns that she wasn't the quiet, lonely nerd she thought, but the angry bully everyone hated. Jack in search of a drink ends up at the reunion as well, and is mistaken for a former popular student Larry Braverman and still unhappy with Geiss' decision, takes on the persona. Liz tries to regain the friendship of her classmates—Kelsey Whintrop Erin O'Neil, Rob Sussman and Diane—without success. Jack, as Larry Braverman, persuades them to like Liz, until an ex-girlfriend of Larry's reveals he has a son, at which point Jack confesses he isn't Larry and Liz and Jack both make a quick escape whilst being booed off stage; Liz happily going back to mistreating her former classmates after they attempt to reenact the pig's blood scene from Carrie on her.

Meanwhile, at the 30 Rock studios, Tracy Jordan is shocked when NBC page Kenneth Parcell gets more laughs than he does in the elevator, compelling him to go to Jenna Maroney for help. The same thing happens to Jenna and in retaliation, she starts singing "Wind Beneath My Wings", prompting Kenneth to start singing "99 Bottles of Beer", to which everyone in the elevator joins in. As revenge for upstaging them, Tracy and Jenna start doing his page duties which confuses Kenneth. After Tracy explains to Kenneth what he was doing, Kenneth feels terrible about it and swears never to upstage them again.


"One time I laughed at a blind guy eating spagetthii! sometimes I pee in the shower if I'm really tired! I saw my grandparents making love once and I didn't leave right away!" - Liz Lemon

"That's right a jet to New York Citay, LEMON OUT !" - Liz Lemon

"I want to go to there." -Liz Lemon


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