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My Whole Life Is Thunder was the seventh episode of the seventh and final season of 30 Rock, airing on December 6, 2012 to 3.22 million viewers. Jenna is outraged that Liz has stolen her wedding thunder by getting married just as she was preparing to marry Paul (Will Forte). As a peace offering, Liz invites Jenna to an awards ceremony honouring women, but things get worse when Jenna attempts to upstage her by having her wedding there instead. Jack decides that in order to avoid disappointing his overly-critical mother Colleen (Elaine Stritch), who is visiting, he will do nothing at all during her visit. Tracy attempts to cheer up Kenneth, who is upset over losing his girlfriend, by introducing him to The Brady Bunch star Florence Henderson.


Jenna is incensed that Liz's unexpected wedding the day before has upstaged her plans for a surprise wedding to fiancee Paul L'astname. As a peace offering, Liz invites Jenna to accompany her to her receipt of an award honoring the "80 Under 80" from an organization called Women in Media. Jenna plans to get her revenge by disrupting the ceremony with a surprise wedding, but Liz is able to thwart her plan with unflattering stage lighting. Jenna eventually admits that she is having trouble adjusting the new power balance in their relationship as Liz has more success in her life. The award ceremony featured cameos from Pat Battle, Judy Gold, Gayle King, Sue Simmons, and Wendy Williams.[2]

Jack's mother (Elaine Stritch) comes to visit and continually warns she will not live much longer, much to his annoyance. When she does in fact pass away during the visit, Jack deals with his grief by resolving to perform the greatest eulogy of all time. He is successful through the means of emotional stories, comedic anecdotes, a flute solo of Danny Boy, an unseen performance from Sir Paul McCartney and the Harlem Boys Choir, and a lesson on the afterlife from Kermit the Frog. Despite his success the end of the service is interrupted by Jenna and Paul's surprise wedding which Jack allows as his mother would have hated it.

Kenneth tells Tracy he is upset that girlfriend Hazel lost her job at TGS and then dumped him. Tracy tries to cheer him up by making life more like TV, where people never leave, including by bringing in old TV star Florence Henderson. When Tracy "recasts" the "role" of Hazel with a new woman, Kenneth realizes how much his friend cares for him.