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Muffin Top is a "dance pop/techno hybrid" song recorded and performed by Jenna Maroney. It is first introduced in the fifth episode of the first season Jack-Tor.

Jenna annouces that the song is a number one hit in Israel. When Jenna sings the song on TGS, there is a brief cameo of the rapper Ghostface Killa who raps a few lines before shouting "Peace to the Middle East."

Jenna only performs the song on TGS once; however, portions of the song (including just the beat) are often featured in scenes of the show that take place at nightclubs or parties.


Everyone knows the most delicious part of the muffin is the top.

My muffin top is all that. Whole-grain, low-fat. I know you wanna piece of that, But I just wanna dance.

Ch-checkin' out my sweet hips, My sugar-coated berry lips. I know you wanna get with this, But I'm just here to dance.

So back up off of me, You're weirding me out.

I'm an independent lady. So do not try to play me. I run a tidy bakery. The boys all want my cake for free, But if you can't shake your fakery, then kiss my muffin top.