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Johnny "J. D." Aardvark (né Lutz) is a fictional character portrayed by John Lutz in the NBC sitcom 30 Rock. A recurring character, he is the most prominently featured of the writers after Liz, Frank, Josh, and Toofer. Lutz is portrayed as a lazy, overweight man who eats a great deal.

Role on the show[]

Lutz infamously called Liz a c**t in "The C Word". Also in "The C Word", it is stated that he was originally from Alaska, where he hated it, and that his grandmother recently died. His first two initials were mentioned in "The Aftermath", where it was also stated that he has a thyroid problem. In "The Baby Show", Lutz says that he likes to get yelled at during sex. Often, when characters enter the room to make an announcement, they will yell "Shut up, Lutz!" even though he wasn't saying anything at the time. He also mentions that he attended Oberlin College and that after his junior year there he road-tripped to SXSW.

In "MILF Island" he claims that he has had a makeover and even shops at American Eagle Outfitters, but Frank tells him that he is still the dirtbag he's always been. In Sandwich Day it is revealed that he has had surgery for not one but two undescended testicles. In "Mama Mia" he claims to know karate, but this proves to be questionable when he is beaten easily by Donald, the man posing as Tracy's illegitimate son, after some of his own questionable karate.

In "Last Lunch", he changes his surname to "Aardvark" in order to pick where the writers will get lunch from.


  • In "Nothing Left To Lose", he tricks Jenna into feeling sorry for him by pretending to be estranged from his son, Twilight actor Kellan Lutz. He later reveals that "it's all made up, Jenna. Kellan Lutz isn't my son. He's my grandnephew and we're very close."
  • He is bisexual.