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Lemon comes to Jack complaining about how little the writers respect her.

Jack goes to a Congress hearing about Kabletown/NBC merger. He is ready to promote vertical integration, which doesn't sound the best to Liz, but Jack will defend to the end.

Liz wants to have a sketch on TGS about Johnny Appleseed, but is unable to because Appleseed was a reall person and his descendants are very defensive of his name and life rights.

Kenneth is trying to re-apply to the NBC page program but is finding that it is much harder to get it than it was before. Jenna sees the situation as an opportunity to train Kenneth as if for a pageant, like those she was in when she was little.

Jack is talking to the Congresspeople about vertical integration and seems to win his argument when he compares the integration to the American farmer, saying that if Congress doesn't like vertical integration, they don't like the nation's farmers. As he is about to leave, Regina Bookman asks why NBC is so racist, and says that unless the company makes serious policy changes, the deal will not pass.

Jack gets back to 30 rock and ask Dot Com, who runs Tracy's production company, to get programming for the African-American community to appease Bookman. Jack promotes Toofer to co-head writer with Liz.

Kenneth is unsure about getting help from Jenna saying he doesn't want to be a new person, just himself. Jenna leaves, but when Kenneth sees a recently-hired page who doesn't even recycle correctly, he runs after Jenna Maroney for help.

Liz gets upset because Toofer is getting respect, and has a name plate that says "Head Writer", while her name has yet again been changed by the writers to "El Tejón", which means "The Badger" in Spanish.

Regina Bookman calls Jack to tell him that she is coming to NBC to further their conversation.

Jenna yells at an upset Kenneth for being rejected to re enter the page program, and realizes that she's treating him like her mother treated her, and swears to get his job back for him.

Liz and Toofer go on the talk show "Right On" where Liz gets ignored, which causes her to go on a ramble that makes her get kicked off of the stage.

Regina comes to NBC and sees that Jack was just putting on a show, and tells him that if he doesn't try to make NBC more diverse, she will vote no on the merger deal.


Queen Latifah plays Congresswoman Regina Bookman. Regina is Latin for Queen