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Kaylie Hooper is a teenage girl, grandaughter of Hank Hooper and heir apparent to Kabletown. She is played by Chloe Moretz.

Early Life []

Kaylie Hooper was born to Hank Hooper's son in 1996. She lived with her Grandfather most of her life, and is the only plausible sucessor to Kabletown within the Hooper family. 

Rivalry with Jack []

Kaylie and Jack Donaghy became rivals after in "TGS Hates Women," where she tricks him into shooting for his true passion as being a marine biologist. Later she tricks him into getting her expelled for her own benefit. Jack ultimately gets the upper hand in his bid to run Kabletown when he distracts Kaylie from sending a birthday card to Hank.

Kaylie Hooper
Jack Donaghy  Nemesis
Hank Hooper  Grandfather