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Fart So Loud is a song performed by Jenna Maroney in an attempt to "one up" Weird Al Yankovic after he parodies a song she wrote and recorded to promote her TV movie, Kidnapped by Danger: The Avery Jessup Story, Brought to you with limited commercial interruption by Pride Bladder Control Pants. Pride: make every room a bathroom. It is featured in the season six episode Kidnapped by Danger.

Angry and convinced that Weird Al has ruined her serious/dramatic theme song "Kidnapped" by satirizing it as "Knapsack," Jenna (with the help of Tracy) writes "Fart So Loud" in an attempt to create a song that cannot be parodied. The subject matter of the song is silly and odd referring to different foods that cause Jenna to "fart so loud." She performs the song on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon calling it "a triumph."

Almost immediately after her performance, Weird Al "Normal-Als" Jenna by releasing a version of the song called "Heart So Proud" which features heartfelt, patriotic themes about military service. Jenna and Tracy agree that this should be considered an honor, and Jenna sets aside her feud with Weird Al for good.


I eat pizza

I eat cheese

I eat lots of broccolis

I eat ice cream way too fast

Burritos always give me gas

Fart so loud,

Fart so loud,

Yum yums make me fart so loud