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Making a list of pros and cons is an exercise that Liz Lemon tries to consider whether or not to break up with Dennis. It was seen in the episode The Break-Up.

The fact that Jack Donaghy likes Dennis was added to the list twice, once as a pro and once as a con. Liz finally completed the list- with the cons as the winning category- when she sees Dennis on TV trying to have sex with an underage girl.

The list[]


basically nice

takes good care of his feet

makes good chili

remembers my birthday

rarely wants to do it

is funny when he goofs on his friends

doesn't care about money


too lazy to cheat

would increase likelihood of blue-eyed kid

loves The Simpsons

has good hair

has already seen me throw up two times

fixed TV

Jack likes him


not super smart

listens to Winger

dental hygiene

wears acid wash denim

always wants foot rubs

not much money


doesn't like his mother

his mother doesn't like me

i don't like his mother

loves Family Guy

reads The Post

insists on spending holidays with his mother

has already seen me throw up

attempted three way


wears Italian horn even though irish

Jack likes him

Attempted sex with minor